The 3C program is a high-quality degree taught in a truly global setting which provides its graduates with proficiency in both problem solving and change leadership. Through this program students gain a unique exposure by studying in 3 different continents. It is designed to create global supply chain leaders and has been crafted to develop the skillsets required to navigate through a repetition world evolving rapidly due to globalization

By introducing the framework of supply chain strategy from the recent research with best practices, participants will learn how to design the right supply chain strategy to create and capture the long term value. The program will also explore some of the new ideas that are transforming the procurement function in leading businesses. Using many examples from a variety of industrial sectors, the idea of value-based procurement will be introduced.

Customized programs are designed to address an organization’s specific challenges and create a dynamic learning experience with significant, real-world results. As the leading supply chain education center in China, NSCIIC is ready to provide your organization with highly effective tools to support your supply chain transformation and development.

  • Shaoxuan Liu, Professor, Ph.D.

    The government of Ningbo partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to establish the Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (NSCIIC).