• Chikage Miyoshi
  • Associate Professor, NSCIIC
    Executive Director, Centre for China Air Transport Research and Innovation(CCATRI)
  • Phone:+86 574 8901 0087
  • Email:chikage.miyoshi@nsciic.edu.cn


Dr. Miyoshi received her Ph.D. in 'Analysis of the air transport liberalization in Japan' at Cranfield University and MBA with Okuma Scholarship at Waseda Business School, Waseda University in Tokyo Japan. She is currently an Associate Professor at NSCIIC.She is also a Research Affiliate at MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.

Prior to joining NSCIIC, she was a lecturer in Air Transport Economics, Centre for Air Transport Management, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, Bedford England. Dr. Miyoshi has extensive working and management experience in the airline industry at a wide range of organizations with academic qualifications. Her recent academic projects and consulting projects include main clients: West Japan Railway Company, Kyushu Denryoiu, JR Kyushu Railway Company, Asian Development Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Development Bank of Japan, All Nippon Airways, Mitsui Fudosan, Tokyo Corporation, Maeda Corporation, Macquarie Capital, Ferrovial, ALG, Mott Macdonald, Okadama Airport, Asiana Airlines, SkynetAsia, Kitakyushu City Airport, Airbus, and London City Airport. She is also a co-chair of Air Transport Group of the World Conference on Transport Research (WCTRS), and a guest editor of the Special Issue of WCTRS as well as NECTAR Journal of Air Transport Management. A regular speaker at the large international conferences and seminars such as Global Airport Development Conference, RouesAsia, etc.

Research Interests

Air Transport Economics, Air Transport Management

Teaching Interests

Air Transport Economics

Selected Publications

Miyoshi, C., Mason, K. J., & Martini, G. (2018) Enhancing the network efficiency: Air transport and sustainability, Journal of Air Transport management. 69:213-214.

Miyoshi, C., & Fukui, H. (2018) Measuring the rebound effects in air transport: The impact of jet fuel process and air carriers’ fuel efficiency improvement of the European airlines, Transportation Research Part A-policy and practice, 112(1):71-84.

Fukui H & Miyoshi C (2017) The impact of aviation fuel tax on fuel consumption and carbon emissions: The case of the US airline industry, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 50 234-253.

Miyoshi C & Ruiz Ibanez E (2016) Are fuel-efficient aircraft worth investigating in for non-Annex country airlines? An empirical analysis of Kenya Airways with an aircraft appraisal cost-benefit analysis model, Transport Policy, 47 (April) 41-54.

Logothetis M & Miyoshi C (2016) Network performance and competitive impact of the single hub – A case study on Turkish Airlines and Emirates, Journal of Air Transport Management, In Press.

Miyoshi C & Rietveld P (2015) Measuring the equity effects of a carbon charge on car commuters: a case study of Manchester Airport, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 35 23-39.

Miyoshi C (2014) Assessing the equity impact of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme on an African airline, Transport Policy, 33 56-64.