• Tae Hoon OUM
  • UPS Emeritus Professor of Transport and Logistics, Sauder School of Business,
    University of British Columbia
    Visiting Faculty, NSCIIC
  • Phone:(604) 822-8320
  • Email:tae.oum@sauder.ubc.ca


Tae Oumis UPS Emeritus Professor of Transport and Logistics, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia. He has been an editor of Journal of Transport Economics and Policy for 13 years(1998-2011), and is to assume the Editor-in-Chief of Transport Policy in July,2016. He served as President of Air Transport Research Society for 17 years and now Chairman since 2014.  He is also the founding Chair of the ATRS Global Airport Performance Benchmarking Task Force since 2002.  He won the top awards from a dozen organizations including WCTR Society, AEA-TPUG, and US and Canadian Transport Research Forum.

   A major part of his 36 books and 250+papers and reports are on economics, analyses of regulation and competition, and globalization strategy formulation in air transport and other network industries. He delivered over 350 keynote addresses, invited speeches and seminars around the world, and involved in research/advisory/expert witness work for major international organizations and regulatory agencies.


Research Interests

Global Strategic Airline Alliances
International Air Transport
Telecommunications, Public Utilities
Transport and Telecom Infrastructure
Policy and strategies for building transport, logistics and distribution hubs
Transport, logistics and telecom policy issues concerning Asia Pacific countries


Selected Publications

Fu, X., Oum T.H. Chen, R., and Lei Z. (2015). "Dominant Carrier Performance and International Liberalization: the case of Northeast Asia", Transport Policy vol. 43, pp  61-75.
Randrianarisoa, L.M., Bolduc, D., Choo, Y.Y., Oum, T.H., Yan, J., "Effect of Corruption on Efficiency of the Eurpoean Airports," Transportation Research Part A: A Policy and Practice: Volume 79, September 2015, pages 65-83.
Yan, J. and Oum, T.H. (2014). “Effects of Government Corruption on the Efficiency of U.S. Commercial Airports”, Journal of Urban Economics, vol.80 (March, 2014), 119-132.
Zhao, Q., Choo, Y.Y. and Oum, TH (2014), “The Effect of Governance Forms on North American Airport Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Airport Authority vs. Government Branch”, J. of Transportation Research Forum, vol.3 (fall, 2014), 253-270.
Adler, N., Fu, X. Oum, T.H., Yu, C. (2014) “Air Transport Liberalization and Airport Slot Allocation: The case of the Northeast Asian Transport Market” Transportation Research Part A, vol.62A (Apr. 2014), pp.3-19.
Oum, T. H., Pathomsiri, Sochai, and Yoshida, Uichiro (2014)."Limitations of DEA-based approach and alternative methods in the measurement and comparison of social efficiency across firms in different transport modes: an empirical study in Japan", Transportation Research E, vol.57E (Oct, 2014), 16-26.