• Huan Jin
  • Assistant Professor, NSCIIC
  • Phone:+86-574-89018883
  • Email:Joyce.Jin@nsciic.edu.cn


Dr. Huan Jin received her Ph.D. in Management Sciences from University of Iowa, Master in Management Sciences and Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences; and BS in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from China University of Petroleum (Beijing). She is also Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. She used to be a Visiting Scholar at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.  

Her current main research interests include job scheduling, vehicle routing, and optimization in logistics and supply chains. Huan has presented her research works in many top international academic conferences, such as the INOFRMS annual meeting. She also has substantive teaching experience in Operations Management, Information Systems, and Computer Analysis at University of Iowa.


Research Interests

Logistics, Vehicle Routing, Job scheduling, Network Design, Supply Chain Management.


Teaching Interests

Analytical Methods, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Network Design


Selected Publications

Huan Jin, Barrett Thomas, “Team Orienteering with Uncertain Rewards and Service Times with an Application to Phlebotomist Intra-Hospital Routing”, Networks, 2019.

Xiaowen Fu, Huan Jin, Shaoxuan Liu, Jia Yan, “Exploring Network Effects of Point-to-Point Networks: An Investigation of the Spatial Patterns of Southwest Airlines’ Network”, Transport Policy, vol(76), 36-45, 2019.

Huan Jin, Mike Hewiett, Barrett Thomas, “Workforce grouping and assignment with learning-by-doing and knowledge transfer”, International Journal of Production Research, Vol(56), 4968-4982, 2018.

Huan Jin, Barrett Thomas, Mike Hewitt, “Integer Programming Techniques for Makespan Models that Recognize Human Learning”, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol(97), 202-211, 2016.

Huan Jin, Hong Chi, Mingliang Qi, Mingang Gao, “Combination Reserve of Food in Emergency Shelter”, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, 2010.