• Maria Jesus Saenz
  • Executive Director of the MIT SCM Blended Master Program & Research Scientist, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
    Visiting Faculty, NSCIIC
  • Phone:+1 617 253 8235
  • Email:mjsaenz@mit.edu


Dr. Maria Jesus leads the research area on Digital Supply Chain Transformation at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, as Research Scientist. The primary research aims at leveraging the connections among inter-organizational business drivers when facing new collaborative paradigms in digital transformations. Such opportunities require approaches that encompass the challenges of innovation around digitalization, with organizational changes at inter-organizational level, including multidimensional collaboration, digital supply chain capabilities and digital customer value.  

Dr. Saenz teaches various courses at Master, PhD and Executive Education level on Supply Chain Management, Collaboration, Risks, Resilience and Project Management. Regarding her education, Dr. Saenz is certified in Participant Centered Learning by Harvard Business School. She received Cum Laude and the Outstanding Doctoral Award for her PhD in Manufacturing and Design Engineering from the University of Zaragoza, where she previously obtained her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, while she also studied Mathematic Sciences for several years. In 2003, she received her tenure as Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. In 2004, she joined the research institute MIT Zaragoza Logistics Center from its very conception as Professor, where she also served as Executive Director. She was also the Director of the Spanish Center of Excellence in Logistics. Dr. Saenz has also led various international research projects for the European Commission, as well as for companies on Supply Chain Management innovation, such as P&G, Carrefour, Clariant, DHL, Leroy Merlin or Caterpillar. She is co-author of more than 80 publications, including books and articles in leading international Journals. Her knowledge transfer work has received 14 awards and her research was cited in the media including MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, Financial Times Press or Supply Chain Management Review. She also regularly interacts with business leaders as guest keynote speaker in more than 15 countries.


Research Interests

Digital Supply Chain Trasformation, Supply Chain Management Innovation, Supply Chain Design 


Teaching Interests

Digital Supply Chain Trasformation, Supply Chain Management Innovation, Supply Chain Design

Selected Publications

Sheffi Y., Saenz M.J., Rivera L. and Gligor D.. The Role of Logistics Clusters in Facilitating Horizontal Collaboration Mechanisms. Forthcoming 2019 in European Planning Studies.

Saenz M.J., Knoppen, D. and Mendonca E., Building manufacturing flexibility with strategic suppliers and contingent effect of product dynamism on customer satisfaction. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 2018, 24, 238-246.

Knoppen, D. and Sáenz M.J., Interorganizational teams in low versus high dependence contexts. International Journal of Production Economics, 2017, 191, Sept, 15-25. 

Chen, W., Kucukyazici, B, Verter, V. and Saenz, M.J. Supply Chain Design for Unlocking the Value of Remanufacturing Under Uncertainty. European Journal of Operational Research, 2015, 247, 804-819.

Sáenz, M.J. and Koufteros, X. (Guest editors). Special Issue on Literature Reviews in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 2015, 45 (1-2), 2-11.

Sáenz, M.J. and Revilla E., Creating More Resilient Supply Chains. MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer issue, 2014, 22-24.

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