MIT-Zaragoza-Ningbo(3C) Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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Created in December 2016 in collaboration with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this program is built upon top-quality graduate programs in the MIT Global SCALE Network.  The network of six innovation centers on four continents is an alliance of leading-edge research and education centers dedicated to the development and dissemination of global innovation in supply chain and logistics.

The 3C program is a high-quality degree taught in a truly global setting which enriches it graduates in both cross-cultural communication skills and change leadership. Through this program, students gain a unique exposure by studying in 3 different continents and witnessing a variety of supply chains. The 3C program is designed to create supply chain leaders who master the necessary skills to navigate through a fast-evolving world with global economic and technological changes.


The MIT-Zaragoza-Ningbo Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3C) was jointly established by three centers within the MIT Global SCALE Network: MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Zaragoza Logistics Center, and Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China. The curriculum of the 3C program centers around supply chain management.

Fall Term: ZLC, Zaragoza, Spain.
January Term: MIT, Cambridge, USA
Spring Term: NSCIIC, Ningbo, China

Mid-August to May

ZLC Campus, Zaragoza, Spain (4 months)
MIT Campus, Massachusetts, USA (3 weeks)
NSCIIC Campus, Ningbo, China (4 months)


*Academic Fees: 7,700€ and Other Tuition Costs: 20,300€


University of Zaragoza, ZLC

Master of Engineering in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (MIT-Zaragoza international Logistics Program)

MIT Global SCALE Network

Graduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Find out more about The 3 Continent Program: 

NSCIIC will proceed with rolling admissions for 3C applicants. 


Application Requirements

1. Application form

2. Statement of objectives

3. Resume

4. Official GMAT or GRE scores (can be waived when shown proof of excellent quantitative skills)

5. Official TOEFL, IELTS or other similar English test (if not a native speaker)

6. Official transcripts/diploma

7. Two letters of recommendation

8. Video statement

Students must complete core and elective coursework, a capstone project, and participate in the MIT SCALE Connect program.

Orientation week
Orientation: Team Building and Career Workshops
Preparatory Sessions: Mathematics and Finance

Leadership & Management
Leading Global Supply Chains Advanced Topics

Systems & Methods
Logistics Systems
Inventory Systems
Analytical Methods
Supply Chain Information Systems
Financial Systems and Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Analytics
Spanish I (Optional)
Spanish II (Optional)
Project Proposal
Advanced Topics

Global Supply Chain Management
System Dynamics
Supply Chain Network Design
Logistics Facilities & Operations
Supply Chain Strategy
Writing Seminar
Capstone project

Experiential learning:

Students will have the opportunity of integrating and applying the knowledge acquired along the program into a capstone project. Three options are available:

1. Research Project

2. Bring a company with a real problem

3. Entrepreneurship project

Supply chain management is essential for every company. The 3C program will open the door for a wide variety of employment opportunities in services and manufacturing industries as professionals and leaders. The 3C program will equip students with essential problem solving and change leadership skills. After the program, students are prepared for operational, tactical, and strategic roles that logistics and supply chain management play in progressive companies. Students will be ready to confront the challenges of a dynamic business world through their acquired skills to overcome supply chain problems.

The alumni from other MIT SCALE programs are working for companies such as:


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  • Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is an international center of excellence for research and education in logistics and supply chain established by the Government of Aragon in Spain in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza.

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  • The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) is a dynamic solutions-oriented environment where students, faculty, and industry leaders pool their knowledge and experience to advance supply chain education and research.

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  • Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (NSCIIC) is an independent, degree-granting academic institution established as a joint initiative between the government of Ningbo, China, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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  • The MIT Global SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Network is an international alliance of leading research centers dedicated to the development of supply chain and logistic excellence through innovation.

Ningbo, China
Ningbo is an open city in eastern China and significant international port city. Ningbo-Zhoushan port throughput in 2016 exceeded 900 million tons, the world's largest port by tonnage. The local economy concentrates on garment manufacturing, electronics, automobile manufacturing, oil chemistry and port-transportation. Ningbo has a rich culture heritage and an extensive history. High-speed rail provides easy access to nearby cities, and Hangzhou and Shanghai are around two hours by car. With an ever-expanding airport, other parts of China such as Beijing (the Great Wall) and Xi'an (Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses) are just two-hour flights from Ningbo. Forbes ranked Ningbo China's best commercial city in 2011. In 2016, Ningbo was ranked as Cultural City of the Year in East Asia.

Zaragoza, Spain
Zaragoza has recently been ranked among the Top 30 Cities with the best index of talent on the planet recognized by multinational brands that are expanding their supply chains all over the world. Economically in the up, Spain is a dynamic country. Not only is it significantly cheaper than many of its European counterparts, but visitors are also treated to the warm, welcoming hospitality of its people. Specifically Zaragoza, Spain, 5th largest city with more than 2,000 years of history, is a crossroads of civilizations and awaits you with a stunning array of heritage monuments in the form of city walls, churches, basilicas, palaces, stately houses.......All of which can be admired as you stroll along its historic streets. The tapas experience is a must. Strategically located within a 300km radius of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or San Sebastian, Zaragoza is an internationally recognized powerhouse, which has been chosen by many leading global companies as the base of their operations center.

Cambridge, MA, USA

Cambridge is part of the Boston metropolitan area. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard University. The local financial industry and consulting industry are mature. Boston Harbor is one of the major seaports on the east coast of the United States and one of the oldest still active harbors and fishing harbors in the Western Hemisphere. Boston is the center of higher education and health care in the northeastern United States, with the highest level of education in the nation's population. Its economic base is scientific research, finance and technology - especially bioengineering. In addition to the internationally acclaimed Bolton Symphony Orchestra, other major cultural facilities include the Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Natural History and the Boston Public Library.

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